For Sale Dart 306 Shortblock

Considering selling my 306 Dart Shortblock to go with a 427. Dart Sportsman Block, 4 bolt on middle 3 Wiseco Forged pistons, about 9:1 compression with 58cc (I think, I'd have to double check) H Beam rods with 8740 ARP rod bolts Unsure on crank (28oz), says 4340 on it, likely SCAT or RPM but...

Codes P0327 & P0511 help

What/how do I fix these codes? I believe they are P0327= knock sensor P0511= Idle air control circuit

01 mustang gt possible lifter tick.

I have a 2001 mustang gt 4.6 2v motor and i believe i have a lofter ticking. I really cant pinpoint the exact spot so i plan to just change them all. The car has 57300 miles. I was wondering if all i need is the lifters the valve cover gaskets and the specail tool or should i use a flat head. Any...

Trickflow box install problem

Has anyone had problems getting the nuts on the studs that connect the upper and lower? There's not enough room for the wrench to fit on the nut on mine. Is this common or did I get a bad one?

WTB Catch can setup

Looking for a catch can setup, prefer 12an. With or without valve covers.

For Sale 79-98 TeamZ Lower Rear Control Arms

79-98 TeamZ Lower Rear Control Arms, $160 Image: (

For Sale 2007 V6 Prem Supercharged Vista Blue

I had purchased this car new when I was stationed in Germany with the Army. After my deployment, I was able to acquire the supercharger, exhaust and springs. This car has always been reliable. Tires are relatively new (

For Sale 79-04 BBK Lowering Springs

79-04 BBK Lowering Springs, $150 Image: (

For Sale 79-04 Flowmaster Catback

79-04 Flowmaster Catback, $150 Image: (

For Sale 80% Complete 302 Long Block

302 long block missing water pump / accessories and upper intake. Approximately 130,000 miles, stored in 2009. Good compression. $400 OBO, located in WI.

Is a .68 exhaust housing too small

I am running twin 70mm turbos on my 363 sbf and am just wondering if my current housing are too small. They spool very fast and just thinking they might be causing excessive back pressure, what are you thoughts?

WTB Ford Racing AC delete kit

Was looking for a ford racing a/c eliminator kit to relocate the ps to where the ac was text 540-305-4472

331 Procharger F1C

I have a 331 w/Procharger F1C, C4, What kind of gear ratios are you running? For street or track( 1/8th)? i'm not sure what i want to go with. no idea what it will do on the track. never had a supercharger before. just now got it running. I have 4.56 gears in it now, going with 275-or 325-15.

WTB Hypercoil 300LB 9" 2.25 Coil Over Springs

Looking to buy 2 -300LB 9" 2.25 Coil over Springs

Upr 2009?79?EXT Bump Steer Kit Mustang 1979?1...

New set of upr 2009-79-ext power steering extreme bumpsteer blue in color , decided to go with Manual after I bought these and never used them , only opened and repackaged $115 shipped You pay PayPal fees 256-483-3904